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I am delighted to welcome you to our virtual Postgraduate Showcase. Our Postgraduate ethos is built around an approach that’s open, connected, collaborative, engaged and sustainable. The projects you will view capture the essence of this approach, demonstrating variety, talent and ingenuity within our international community of Masters Students.

The students have given us their voice, words and work that gives you a flavour of their academic journey through this extraordinary time. Their thoughts highlight their agility and resilience as now professional creatives and embody our values here at Coventry University. The work that you will view is a culmination of 1 or 2 years study or an interim showcase, undertaken part on campus and part through our remote online learning.

As you view the work, we hope you be impressed, challenged and surprised by the breadth and quality of what the students have produced in the new normal. The richness of our global cohorts has aided their understanding of cultural co-creation and inclusivity that will afford them to communicate and innovate internationally.

This group of students has been remarkable in their response to changing situations and have risen to the challenge demonstrating resourcefulness, ingenuity, inventiveness, resilience and imagination, skills that will support them in the next phase of their journey through life.

We, the Faculty applaud the students and all who have supported them - enjoy the show!