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Abstract Landscape Acrylic on wood

Michala Gyetvai's work belongs to a British romantic landscape tradition. My landscape is a personal interpretation, an autobiographical account of an internal, emotional, poetic, landscape, referencing my own femininity and ideology. I am part of a generation know as 'the Innocents' or those that know the world before a digital age. I am interested in the crossover between these worlds and my work investigates materials, nature, the handmade, the human hand and it's relevance in shaping our existence in a digital era. Being in this situation puts us in a privileged position. If we're the last people in history to know life before the internet, we are also the only ones who will ever speak, as it were, both languages. We are the only fluent translators of Before and After (guardian).

"From Small Seeds" Acrylic on paper
"Image Icon" Oil on board
"Image Icons" Oil on board
"Image Icons" Oil on board
Work in the Studio
" The Things you do to Stop the Truth from Hurting you" Oil Painting on canvas and board.
" Last of the Innocents" Oil and Acrylic on canvas.
"Small Landscapes" Oil on wood.
"Abstract Landscape" Acrylic on wood.
"Blue Landscape" Acrylic on wood.
A Series of Small Paintings Oil on board.
"Small Landscape" Oil on board
Textile Landscape Threads and fibres on wool.
"Paper Landscape" Acrylic on paper
Paintings and Spacings