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Aesthete's Delight-Where you smile with your soul

Aesthete's Delight, a wellness centre which mainly focuses on dental services and also provides wellness to all of it's occupants. It encourages them to live a better lifestyle through different activities that provide a revitalising vibe to doctors, patients, and staff. The building itself is eco-friendly, generates it's own electricity through solar panels (installed at it's NE side) and creates it's own water through atmospheric water generator panels fitted at the WS side of the building (this controls the temperature of the building as well).

The centre has 4 floors:

G-floor; welcomes you with interactive projections that make you to feel free and help with stress-relief.

1st-floor; leads you to the treatment floor, where you will be provided with services like scaling, orthodontics, teeth whitening and implants. These are not emergency services and do not require overnight stays. 

2nd-Floor; offers vitalising, integrative services like hammock yoga, zumba dance, an exercising space and also massage.

3rd-Floor; eternal bliss: a cafe with different sitting setups to choose from, a kids area, mini-farming and a craft display. The aim is to make people closer to people and nature not technological gadgets.

Facade-Aesthete's Delight