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The appeal of the product itself lies in its styling as well as its security and fingerprint-unlocking capabilities. People simply avoid carrying keys when they buy it because the Bugatti brand is a luxury brand. Therefore, I must ensure that the overall shape of the product is aesthetic and high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy and carbon fibre can solve this problem. Also, these special materials guarantee safety.For energy I chose lithium-ion batteries which have very good performance of the electric scooter power consumption time. The innovation of my design scheme lies in simplifying the overall shape of the car body and the fingerprint unlocking function. My design scheme focuses on the characteristics of Bugatti which is light and artistic. The streamlined design with hollow-out by letter C achieves the final display effect in a process of continuous simplification. The product's strength lies in its lightweight structure and materials, the streamlined structure USES, the abstract design of the letter C which is entirely up to the Bugatti brand -the lightweight and car-structured C.

Buggatti Electric scooter C line sketch
Buggatti Electric scooter C line detail
Buggatti Electric scooter C line 3D views

Tianlong Wang

Product Design Innovation MA

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Tianlong Wang Lead Image