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Interaction, Technology and Aesthetics

I am Daniel. I have an illustration background. Now, I am showcasing my progression within product design. As well as showcasing my designs, I am introducing my approaches on product design, which are Interaction, Technology and Aesthetics.

Hermes Project - Interaction Design
E-sport game training software
Live service update
Social features & Community
From sketch to final design
Nano Super-stretchable Electric Powered Suit (N.S.E.P. suit) - Technology
Feature & Technology
Nano-generator & Wireless charger
From sketch to final design
Bugatti scooter design - Aesthetics
Side view - Beauty of Streamline & Dark and Crimson
Focus - Carbon fiber craftsmanship
Rare view - The extension of curve & Sprinkle of punk
Specification - Art & Design
Sketch and design of Scooter

TF Daniel Pang

Product Design Innovation MA

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Interaction, Technology and Aesthetics