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Liane Green

Global Journalism and Public Relations MA

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The People and the Austin Seven: Looks at the current problem facing the existing older generation of the Austin Seven motor car and its community of entusiasts. The purpose of this research project and vodcast series was to investigate ways of encouraging younger people to engage with owning vintage and classic motorcars, with a particular focus on the Austin Seven. The aim was to support and maintain the car’s presence in society as a historical and cultural artifact. The investigative project used primary and secondary methods of research to establish the current ownership climate, engage with its community and to impact change utilising the insight of existing models of communication and marketing professionals to forge a strategy for encouraging younger members to engage with the Austin Seven community. Articles and podcasts have been published, experts in the field have been interviewed, community action ‘Tool Kits’ for change have been disseminated and new members have been recorded as a direct response to the project.

The Future: Hiscox Insurance company has offered to sponsor the continuation of the project due to its success, this includes the production of five further Vodcasts.

To find out more about enthusiast reaction to Intro Episode, please visit this page on the Austin Seven Facebook group.