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The main purpose of my project is to understand and study the influence of Chinese traditional culture and personality on car design in the future. I have also applied Chinese traditional cultural elements to my own projects to explain the influence of Chinese traditional culture on car design. Elements such as traditional Chinese characters and unique landforms are used as design inspirations. This project has two different models that can be transformed according to the needs of users, the business model and the family model. This is to better help users find a balance between life and work. The unique design of the pet area makes it easier and more convenient for any pet to interact with each other, which reflects the traditional Chinese concept of harmony between man and nature.

baibing li-AutomotiveAndTransportDesign-平衡 .poster.jpg
baibing li -AutomotiveAndTransportDesign- 平衡-package.jpg
baibing li -AutomotiveAndTransportDesign- 平衡-sketch.jpg
baibing li -AutomotiveAndTransportDesign- 平衡-sketch.jpg
baibing li -AutomotiveAndTransportDesign- 平衡-sketch3.jpg
baibing li -AutomotiveAndTransportDesign- 平衡-sketch.4.jpg

Baibing Li

Automotive Design MA

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