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I have a particular interest in "the extraordinary" through time, whether it be fashion, architecture or interiors. This year I have developed a solid focus on collage as a means of illustrating my love of the decorative as a contrast to the mundane. My work includes original wallpaper from different eras, a form of decoration that greatly inspires me, so much so that I will shortly be printing my own versions. Collage is immediately visually appealing but the process requires unlimited patience and access to a multitude of sourced vintage images such as those in Vogue and The World of Interiors. As a seasoned traveller to Italy and with a previous career in the selection of bespoke villas, I am also interested in the psychology of travel and the feeling of being surrounded by luxury. This is an element I will be bringing into my second year of the Master's.

Cold Shoulder
1930s Haute Couture
1969 Beach Walk
White Shoes
1920s Haute Couture
La Sicliana e L'italiana
Saville Row
Early Chanel
Wallpaper II
1910 Haute Couture
1960s Haute Couture

Julie Sommerville

Painting MA

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