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Katie Wright Lead Image

Welcome to the showcase, my name is Katie Wright and for my Final major project I created Coasis. Coasis is a dementia co-living facility that will house permanent and respite dementia suffers. The facility will promote and increase the longevity of each individuals cognitive and physical health by ensuring everyone receives essential care and is encouraged to become independent. The facilities within the building are there to help increase cognitive enhancement and help reduce the progression of dementia.

The other project included within this showcase is for a Train station called Anniesland, located within Glasgow. Anniesland is a commuter train station and was in much need of renovation and to fit a further purpose. I did this by extending the building vertically to add space for a café where people can be social and so the space can be used throughout the day when the train station isn’t so busy, I describe this as an extension of the local high street which is situated close by. The target audience was aimed at regular commuters and for local residents.


Interior Sectio
First Floor Plan
Yoga-dance Facilities
Residential hallway social space
Residential bedroom
Pool facility
Pool facility
Office Space
Entrance reception plaza
Annie's Land Exterior
Annie's Land ground floor plan
Annie's Land first floor seating
Annie's Land first floor plan
Annie's Land first floor cafe
Annie Land ground floor ticket booth
Annie Land Ground Floor Seating