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Group Project

Agriculture and the Anthropocene

Nour Chames

Muyuan Feng

Zihao Li

Samuel Oluwaseyi Ojo

Molly Rathbone

Daran Wei

Yafei Zhao

By investigating the meat industry and interviewing people from different societies with different backgrounds, to create a non-biased informative documentary on the effects of the meat industry on climate change.

Did you have to amend your process because of Covid-19 guidelines?

We encountered some difficulties. First of all, due to online interviews, we were unable to obtain the best picture and sound quality. Therefore, we learnt new software to record higher quality videos as much as possible during video calls. In the selection of materials, since we can not view on the spot, we basically choose free and copyright-free materials on the Internet, but it was still not enough, so we checked the relevant official website and inserted relevant information when playing the interviewer’s video. In order to eliminate the viewer's tiredness of a single picture as much as possible.

The biggest challenge was to coordinate different people, since we couldn't see each other face to face, so we had to create a schedule to do things.

Yafei Zhao

I learnt a lot about the aims of ​​animal protection organisations, the development of vegetarianism in recent years, and sustainable development. I had never been exposed to these things before. At the same time I strengthened my editing techniques during the making of the film.

Who is this work for? Who is the audience?

The aim in the early stages of the project was to do a lot of research about the impact of animal husbandry on the overall environment. We combined this with interviews with people from all walks of life, in order to produce a documentary without any bias or prejudice. We hope this will bring the audience a certain degree of reflection.