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Art & Design

Welcome to the Postgraduate showcase and the School of Art and Design. The School has a long tradition of producing employable graduates, making a significant contribution to creative industries around the world. It is our distinct belief that we value our students as independent creative practitioners enhanced through a community that shares a desire to explore innovative thinking and making.  

Living in and with the ‘The New Normal’ we have been continually impressed by the resilience of our postgraduates and their ability to identify new opportunities to become active agents of creative change. They have challenged, innovated overcome ambiguity, uncertainty to produce a distinctive body of work.

The diversity and complexity of this year’s work across art and design demonstrates a willingness of the postgraduates to expand and explore their own understanding and it is apparent in the work that this year’s students have a new and alternative ambition to actively challenge the future of the creative industries.

As we acclimatise ourselves to the ‘New Normal’ I would like to give a sincere thank you to all the students, staff, technical and professional teams you have set the ‘air on fire’.

- Nick Gorse, Head of School


The School of Humanities brings together the disciplines of English and Languages, History, International Relations, Politics and Sociology. Our collaborative approach and global students create a unique Post Graduate community that works in symbiosis with our curriculum. Our students engage with students, communities and cultures around the world, and they become richer and more connected with their critical thinking because of it.

Our Lecturers are passionate and driven to create a vibrant and innovative educational environment as we embrace an ever-changing external world. Research-informed learning is thoroughly embedded in our community of learning and students have the opportunity to engage with published academics across a range of our courses. Our new normal has transformed our teaching and our students learning in new and exciting ways. As staff we are inspired by our student’s dedication and resilience to complete and succeed in this challenging year.

- Frank Magee, Head of School

Media and Performing Arts

I am very pleased to welcome you to the School of Media and Performing Arts Post Graduate Degree show.  

Our school ethos is one that encompasses engagement with contemporary developments and debate in media, Journalism, communication and culture. International and Intercultural collaboration are placed at the heart of our programmes with the aim to help us effectively shape new ways of understanding and meaning making in our fascinating and complex, mediated world. Our courses have a strong theory into practice approach which is evident in the excellent, inventive, and diverse work on display in this show.  

Our students have worked incredibly hard this year to transform and overcome challenges and to work collaboratively, often in transnational contexts, to produce strong portfolios of work that stand as a testament to their creativity and innovation.  

We look forward to our students joining our school’s graduates who have gone on to successful and prestigious carriers in the Media, Journalism and PR industries, with the BBC, TV and Radio, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Top Gear, Autocar, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla Audi, Jaguar Land Rover and on Hollywood film productions. 

- Paul Smith, Head of School