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My name is Ibukun Bolarinwa and the inspiration to create this project came from the imbalance of the student overload within the city centre in Coventry. I wanted to highlight the issues in how student accommodation and social activities have caused a deterrent for residents to live or visit certain parts of Coventry, in particular, the university campus area. Central Village was created to harmonise both students and residents into one unified space, I made outdoor spaces places where activities could take place and used also used buildings as a space where people in the community can interact though activities. I created this idea as a catalyst that would allow other student cities to replicate the idea and break the barriers of student areas so residents can also feel comfortable to move around the space. The position of the building is within the ring road to break the tangible boundary that marks the area of the city centre.

Section - Fairfax Street
Section - Cox Street
Interior Render - Exhibition Space

Ibukun Bolarinwa

Architecture MArch

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