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BA (Hons) Music

Welcome to the BA Music Degree Show page! Our students have spent three years in intense, creative music-making. They've developed their skills and collaborated in ways they could never have imagined three years ago — and their achievements have been impressive. On this page, you'll be able to hear/see a small sample of those achievements. You'll hear our students sing choral music and play cover arrangements of pop songs; you'll hear Scott Oldroyd's funky techno-pop sound composition; and you'll see Adam Clark spearhead a dozen fellow students in an exciting (virtual!) rendition of 'Tonight' from the musical West Side Story. So, please sit back, have a look and a listen to the six clips here. We're certain you'll enjoy yourself.

And to all our 3rd-year students, congratulations! Your best years are now ahead of you. To quote the character Polonius (in Shakespeare's Hamlet) as his son prepares to embark upon an important journey, "The wind sits in the shoulder of your sail!"

BA (Music) Introduction Talk

BA (Hons) Music Choir 4

BA (Hons) Music Choir 5

BA (Hons) Music Group 4 - Song 1

BA (Hons) Music Group 5 - Song 2

BA (Hons) Music - The Ring

BA (Hons) Music - Tonight (Quintet)