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BA (Hons) Dance

The Dance course at Coventry offers students the opportunity to invest in full time study of contemporary dance within its wider artistic, historical and socio- cultural context. It equips the graduate with an artistic practice that supports entry into the local, national and/or international ecology of the contemporary dance industry, whether that be making live or digital work, performing, teaching, facilitating, administration, programming further study or most likely a portfolio of these areas.

The team are delighted to offer you the chance to view some of the work which our dance students have been developing since January, during their Dance Graduating Project.  This module offers students the opportunity to gain substantial experience of working on a live practical dance project, in an area of their chosen field of study.  This might be in the making of live work, performing, teaching and/or facilitating.  Students have been encouraged to consider the value of their studies in professional contexts through reflection and focused research. 

The original brief required students to place their work within a curated festival, and although the current crisis meant this could not be possible, students creatively presented their projects on a variety of platforms.   What is offered here, is an insight into some of their creative process. 

BA (Hons) Dance Introduction Talk