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BSC (Hons) Music Technology

Music Technology Matters…Music technology has never been more exciting. Every day brings new ways to be musical through new software, instruments, devices, platforms and protocols for fans, artists, and organisations. People are experimenting with new ways to perform, collaborate and compose, to listen to their favourite artists and discover new ones, and to share the music they love. Music technologies create possible futures and offer new ways to inhabit the present and past. At Coventry University we believe and live by this motto, and we believe that Music technology can and should be more.

Let’s Build Better Worlds Music technologies transform, enhance and drives our world. Let us make better worlds. Let music technology do good, serve the public interest, foster belonging, justice, collaboration and sharing, enable greater access to positive musical experiences and personal connections, and create durable objects and practices. At Coventry University, we believe these words, and we follow this Motto. Every day we create, we record and we produce music and audio. We develop the skills, knowledge and techniques to become creators, theorists, scholars, engineers, technician, sound lovers, Music hackers, noises artists. Working in outstanding facilities we will have the opportunity to create, produce, innovate, develop work and a network with professional performers, composers and producers. 

In our program, there is a strong emphasis on the application of knowledge, leading to practical and marketable skills for a variety of careers, from the studio and live sound engineer, Music producer, composer for game and movies, sound designer to music programming. We collaborate with students from other music programmes, professional, artist and performers to record, produce,  mix and master. We are a place of creation, experimentation, learning and innovation. We are Music Technologists. We believe in music technology and we want to build better worlds. We invite you to join us.


BSc Music Technology Introduction Talk

BSc Music Technology Introduction Talk