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Maxwell Nichols' work aims to explore the way in which Painting responds to the influence of the digital screen that we experience every day and the critical position of what defines Painting as a practice. By referencing painting's historical language his work situates itself in the wider tradition of painting whilst also building up on it in new ways. Investigating the hybridisation between the medium of paint and digital technology enables him to draw upon multiple visual languages, intersecting them to create paintings that reflect the current day but acknowledge the past. Interested in appropriating the digital aesthetic of the screen, Nichols' paintings tackle the paradox of creating physical embodiments of a non-material space.

Thirst Trap
Absolutely Bang Tidy
Walmart Yodelling Kid
That's Hot
Konami Code
Let Me Hotspot You
OK Boomer
Weird Flex But OK

Maxwell Nichols

Painting MA

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