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I have over ten years' experience in automotive, product and concept design in major companies such as Mercedes Benz and I worked as a design consultant at my company in London. Now I am keen to expand my professional ability and to seek new challenges in the field of automotive design. For my final major project, I aimed to find a new, true sustainable future for automobiles. I tried to repurpose automobiles in a socially responsible way and justify the investment and the space they occupy, giving a trulu versatile tool to the owner but also to the public. The concept is built around a sustainable, environmentally conscious ecosystem where the owner, manufacturer and the public get benefits. My main philosophy focuses on creating value and sharing that value for the benefit of all, sharing the features that the car offers on a subscription basis to the public. Once a customer has the app on their smart device they are ready to use these services with a small subscription fee. The owner of the vehicle then gets an income even while the vehicle is parked.

New meaning of an automobile, new definition, new purpose. Not a shared transport but a "shared value"
The vehicle communicates it's hi-tech features with its design.
The main concept is sharing the features that the car offers on a subscription base to the public.
As a pedestrian once you have the app on your smart device you are ready to use these services with a small subscription fee and the owner of the vehicle gets an income while the vehicle parked.
The car has offer huge amount of interior space in only 420cm total length.
Egress and Ingress is one of the key elements of the car.
Taking advance of the electric architecture: the vehicle has a high driving position for occupants which makes visibility and also egress ingress much better. The second aspect of providing comfort to passengers is flexible layout. Seats can slide, rotate, and move all the way to the length of the car.
The day light opener area serves as a solar panel with its "artificial leaf" which also mimics photosynthesis and clean the air.
This is my first semester project in the first year of the course. The main aim is to design a practical all electric vehicle in under four meters for Chrysler brand. I did both exterior and interior design both digital Alias model and 1/4 scale clay model.
Personal project I did to give myself a challenge to improve sketching and rendering skills.
Personal project I did to give myself a challenge to improve designing skills.
Personal project tried to explore the possibilities of Aston Martin crossover.
I worked in Mercedes Benz. I was involved with bus and coach interior and exterior design. Was responsible for designing, sketching, CAD and clay modelling and rendering of Mercedes Benz coaches and buses.
I am a big admirer of classic cars, and love sketching with marker, pastel, pen and pencil. These cars are some of my all-time favourites.
I am a huge fun of sci-fi. Robots and vehicles are my favourites and have involved with sci-fi projects as a concept designer past years. These are my personal works.

Ibrahim Yogurtcu

Automotive Design MA

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Ibrahim Yogurtcu Lead Image