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AVEM-Urban air mobility for 2050

In 2050, 2.5 billion people living in cities and two-thirds of the world's population will be living in urban areas, making cities even more crowded. With increased numbers of high-rise buildings where people live at greater heights than ever, transportation still lies in two dimensions. With Urbanisation sprawling across countries, emergence of new technologies like 5G and a hike in ridesharing facilities, the scope for pushing the boundaries of 3-Dimensional travel increases greatly.

My proposal is an Electric VTol based on the impact of air transport vehicles (VTOL, drones, etc..,) in the future and the role of design. The design is inspired from the sturdy body features of the Peregrine Falcon, as nature is often the best solution to complex problems. The design hopes to achieve the perfect balance of perfect proportions with new and experimental ideas for the electric age. The Vehicle is named 'AVEM' meaning 'bird' in Latin. The design language is characterszed by neat, simple surfacing and aerodynamic efficiency. Both the wings are integrated into the rear unit of the vehicle and this connects the wings with the vehicle in terms of design and reduce turbulence. The propellers are distributed.

Concept Development
Front Interior Development
Rear Interior Development
Colour, materials and trim
Final exterior concept
Scenario render
future mobility

Hemanth kumar Sudhakaran

Automotive Design MA

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AVEM-Urban air mobility for 2050