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Site Plan

I am an enthusiastic Architecture MArch student at Coventry University, all the way from Nepal. I have a quest for deepening my knowledge and following my passion for Architecture. I value human experiences and the influence of culture, environment in architecture and the impact of architecture on the way of life.


Confronted with the reality of the increasing population, finite open space and environmental pollution, there is a need to rethink public green space in high-density areas. My project is about revitalising an inactive space and transforming it to a vivid contemporary space where locals as well as tourists can reflect and relax upon whilst respecting the contemplative nature of the site, allowing grey water to filter within the site and using a drip irrigation system to let tnature take over and act as a green lung for the city. The existing infrastructure will fall through the site and connect the fractured urban infrastructures. Thus, my intervention is the creation of a public space, woven together by a network of boardwalks, paths, platforms and a series of pools to interact and reflect upon, that should promote social cohesion.

Mapping of swimming pools in Amman revealing the polarization of the society.
Site of fragment and decay where the nature could take over
Site Plan showing collection, filtration and distribution of grey water
Plan and section of contemplative pond
Contemplative Pond
Plan and Section of Elevated Pool
Elevated Pool
Plan and Section of Sunken Courtyard
Sunken Courtyard Visualisation

Rajani Shrestha

Architecture MArch

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Site Plan