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The concept retains the access point towards the site as per pedestrian flows and street layout. Uses separate concourses, one for in-city bus transport and another for intercity one. They use drive-in-drive-out system, run parallel to one another and wrap around the Old fire station. The intercity one reaches its canopy to the mediaeval Tower gate, whereas the in-city concourse curves towards the Ring road to open up an area for river Sherbourne to resurface. Park and marshland that improve overall air quality and natural habitat for insects are created. The triangle formed by the concourses and Old fire station is occupied by the food market.

One of the key objectives for CAWR is to establish strong transport links to Coventry as well as promoting organic food growth and the sustainable use of water. Part of the proposal goal is to discover acreage in Coventry suburbia that are within 25-30 minutes of the city centre by bus. Those will be identified through studio collaboration and assumed as expansion outposts to Ryton organic principles. This creates a ring food network that eventually will increase food productivity and expand food delivery services. Furthermore, this new system necessitates a new bus station that will also be a food distribution hub, short term storage and food market. The capital city of Switzerland has a very well thought out public transport system. This system's model can be adjusted to the needs of Coventry city centre and its suburbia where the centre is located. The same system should connect the other allotments to create a network between the centre, city and the allotments, as the city is the customer.

Plan structure