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By the end of the 21st century, the world's arid regions are expected to grow by 10 to 23 percent, and water shortages are putting enormous pressure on agriculture and livestock to meet the nutritional needs of local populations. My project is to design a planting system for arid cities to obtain more nutritious vegetable supplements, enrich the diversity of nutritional intake, and reduce the impact of weather changes on the nutritional intake of residents. My project also explores new uses and functions, redefines the role played by the microgreen planting system and examines how food should be produced in smarter ways to save the earth's resources and allow technology to penetrate daily life.

Drizzle application in the family
Drizzle's rendering scene
Drizzle's rendering scene
Drizzle's hero image
Drizzle's rendering scene
Water vapor from MOF adsorption materials is allowed to reach the tank container, combining the product form with desert insects (Namib desert beetles) based on bionic methods. Water vapor condensation flows into the water container through drains and keeps the seeds moist through the gaps in the grooves.
Internal structure diagrams and model renderings
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Wenxin Lyu

Product Design Innovation MA

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Wenxin Lyu Lead Image