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My name is Wentao Qiu, I specialize in Product Design and Innovation. Before studying for a master's degree, I had three years of work experience in commercial product design, which gave me a good understanding of the cycle of product design and production. During my commercial work experience, I worked on more than 40 projects. One of my designs for an air purifiers won the 2017 Red Dot Design Award. A total of more than 10 of my designs been manufactured and launched to market. I enjoy product design because of the potential to produce something that  will bring pleasure to the lives of people who buy your design. It is very satisfying to think that thousands of people are using the product you designed. I love product design very much and have strong design skills, and visual communication skills, including hand-drawing, modelling, rendering and typesetting. 

Sketches - Intelligent Voice Lunch Box Rice Cooker
Bugatti e-Scooter Designs
Honeybee Drone

Wentao Qiu

Product Design Innovation MA

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