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My name is BINGRONG LU and I am a master's student of Product Design Innovation at Coventry University.

Air Purifying Public Seat Design

With the development of modern technology, technology has brought harm to the natural environment, and the problem of natural environmental pollution has appeared. Due to various factors such as motor vehicle exhaust gas, industrial exhaust gas, coal burning exhaust gas in winter, and dust generated by construction sites and road traffic, air pollution has become more and more serious. This design is to clean urban air pollution. This is a park seat that can purify air pollution in Chinese urban parks. The seat can not only be used for rest and activities, but also can deal with pollutants in the air. Future cities may need to do this, which will also improve the design of the natural environment.

Bugatti Scooter Design

My assignment is designing an electric commuter scooter that reflects the design concept of Ettore Bugatti and reflects the brand value of the Bugatti brand. I wanted to make the shape of the battery car look lighter and speedier, so this design came into being, it has two special points. Variable tire and navigation system. The wider grooves and finer patterns are designed to improve the drainage capacity of the tire. The tire can be driven on rainy days or high speeds, and can change from one tire to two tires in rainy weather or high speeds. I connected the navigator to the lights. When using the navigator, the light will project the direction of the route. People can look at the shadow cast from the road ahead to know the direction of the scooter.


Bingrong LU

Product Design Innovation MA

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Bingrong LU Lead Image