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I am a Jewellery school drop-out who decided she loved to work with abstract forms after a rather restrictive approach to oil painting. I often explore the boundaries between abstract painting and landscape, playing with creating tensions between the two. Much of of my work is based on photograph and memory although I try not to refer to imagery too often. My work usually features a small floating motif which over the years has developed from a leaf like form to that of lights. I want the viewer to explore a sense of ambiguity and mystery within my work, an unexplained narrative. For a lack of saying it academically, I think of paintings like film sets, there has to be a sense of drama, they must be romantic or dark or theatrical.

Work 1
Ships in Chile
Pink Study
Night bay
Nyon lights
"How have I adapted under lockdown? I found I have been painting more, I have been a lot more productive. I didn't think before I would have been. In my head I have been treating it like a art residency, a really bizarre art residency!"
Kiranpreet Samra

Kiranpreet Samra

Painting MA

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