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The project covers an exploration of motion graphics in poster design. It employs visual concept design and aims to show more expression through the motion graphics video. This work responds to a brief to promote the Coventry Biennial 2021. The chosen theme for this is dialogue and publishing, which is communicated through visual concept design. The project named Silent Dialogue aims to motivate people to have a dialogue with artworks in Coventry Biennial 2021. This dialogue does not show the normally the verbal and linguistic conversation between people, instead it prefers to present a more abstract concept and to highlight the potential connection between the audience and artworks. The motion graphics video and motion posters are designed based on a few tiny details occurred in people appreciating artworks, such as the eye contact of observation and occasionally fingerprints that the viewers may leave on the artworks.

PengZhang_Graphic Design MA_Silent Dialogue_motion poster
PengZhang_Graphic Design MA_Silent Dialogue_motion poster

Peng Zhang

Graphic Design MA

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