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The Sustainable Development under Digital Fashion Design    

Fashion industry has become the second only to oil chemical industry of the world's second largest pollution (U. N. The Environment, 2018).

My project is about the prosperity of economy development and manufacturing.  The demand of human material and spiritual is threatening the survival of human ecological environment.

"The British public buys more than 50 million pieces of new clothing each summer, worth an estimated 3 billion pounds but they wear them only once. According to McKinsey's state of fashion 2019 report, people are buying 60 per cent more clothes than they did 15 years ago, and using them only half as often as before (Villemain,2019). However, some brands and influencers through social media pass the fast fashion consumption concept to more people (Siegle, 2019). Therefore, the theme of this design is aimed at the development of fashion sustainability between the entity and the digital."
Meishan Chu

Meishan Chu

Graphic Design MA

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