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The element of the 4-color gradient background is designed by rhizome concept, It is a communication network of combinatorial relationships. Each color can represent a material form, a form of expression, or a person/culture/society/politics.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has affected the exhibition industry in Europe, at the same time, many people are feeling isolated. As the Internet rapidly changes our world, it is reasonable to assume that contemporary art practices are also affected. In fact, the location of artworks is unique, and new methods for understanding social and cultural phenomena (including network phenomena) can be discovered and revealed.

The principal characteristics of the rhizome are “connection” and “heterogeneity,” it’s like separate elements of a plant, connected with each other, relying on each other to survive, and to form the rhizome together. The fusion with conceptual network art brings us together. Visual thinking is a set of tools that makes it easier to understand complex ideas about changing, non-central, transforming physical forms, representations, and social relationships. The campaign will be presented by interface design which is based on the characteristics of net art: unlimited data, no geographical limited, fast communication speed. It will become a meme spread by word of mouth. My project HYPER-POSSIBLE explores these ideas and is presented in a digital media format.