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This concept discusses what kind of transportation can better meet the needs of Chinese families in the context of future changes in the family structures and technological progress in China. In the future of China, with the implementation of the second-child policy and the progress of urban intelligence, transportation will face new changes and opportunities. This concept attempts to combine a larger family structure with a more crowded urban environment through a unique oriental aesthetic to satisfy the requirements of future Chinese families.

XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-FMP Cover
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-FMP Poster one of two
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-FMP Poster two of two
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-VisionC 2D Rendering Front View
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-VisionC 2D Rendering Rear View
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-Vision-C Exterior Design
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-Vision-C Exterior Design2
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-Vision-C Family Space
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-Vision-C Interior Design
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-Vision-C Interior Details
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-Vision-C Model Front View
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-Vision-C Model Rear View
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-Vision-C Model
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-Vision-C Orthographic
XingjianGu-AutomotiveAndTransportDesignMA-Vision-C Revolving Door

Xingjian Gu

Automotive Design MA

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