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My project is based on the future metropolises. There are two modes in this project, including working mode and family mode. For working mode, passengers can work in this vehicle, and they also can have dinner, sleep, and have entertainment. For family mode, this vehicle can provide a cozy atmosphere and bring pleasure to children. Metropolitan elements are adjusted into my project: deconstructivism, which is a modern design style used in architecture design, is a new perspective that challenges the current designs of products because it pushes the limit of every design element in order to create prospective products which capture the eyes of the beholder. There is deconstruction design style in my project. When I was designing the exterior, I tried to make the vehicle have the feeling of dislocation and off-centre to express the characteristic of deconstructivism by contrasting the front and rear part,not only in colour but also in construction. My interior was mainly inspired by the work of Zaha, Hadid. In her most interior work, affluent and rounding lines are used to show the characteristic of deconstruction.

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FMP design details
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Qiang Ge

Automotive Design MA

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