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It can be seen that artificial intelligence provides a diverse form of interaction. Artificial Intelligence may be the next turning point in the revolution of automotive design. In 2050, the car is not just about driving because of the development of AI, it is more like a mobile virtual interactive space. Today's cars only have one cabin for all people in the car and the interior environment can not be changed but the next generation who grow up in an AI environment have their own personality and pursuit. People have different needs when they are in a car and the AI system in each cabin can collect user data in real time, analyse and learn user habits which provides users with the best service. Users can design their own cockpit for different scenarios like gaming, working, driving, social etc. The design is dynamic with unique reflection, highlights, half covered wheels amd a strong stance. The profile is also fresh but with sporty feeling. There are some iconic design elements like small the quadrate lamp. I tried to show the emotion. In general, AI has opportunities to bring a new and more flexible cockpit designs.

Page 1- Concept;Core idea
Page 2- Sketch; Design
Page 3-Sketch; Function
Page 4- Interior design
Page 5 -Package
Page 6- collaborative project with Land Rover

Haichao Li

Automotive Design MA

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