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Honda HAION Cover Page

How can good design change lifestyles in a positive way? This paradigm is about changing lifestyles and improving people's lives and how they may regain their intrinsic values, all from a design perspective. In today's world almost everything is changing rapidly, from inter-human relationships to technology and the way cosumers get attached right through to the way they buy a product, it represents a continuous evolution. Another important aspect is how good design will shift in such a way that will not only create desirability or to have a functional role but also to be sustainable and to improve people's lives, all of this from a transportation design perspective.

Concept: Haion stands for the word heion which means serenity, peaceful in Japanese. Even if the name illustrates the idea of calmness, the aim is to challenge the design language of the brand, especially to come up with a new face for the next generation of vehicles, which are electric. Haion represents the clear transition from today's design language principles and the current way of driving that we are familiar with, to the self-driving vehicles era which is predicted to come in the near future.

Honda HAION Ideation Sketches
Honda HAION Package Drawing
Honda HAION Scenario
Honda HAION 3/4 Front View
Honda HAION Ingress & Egress
Honda HAION Interior
Honda HAION Brand Exploration
Honda HAION Front View

Bogdan Nicolae Dragusin

Automotive Design MA

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Bogdan Nicolae Dragusin

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Honda HAION Cover Page