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Project uDarku 2050

Postgraduate Automotive Design Graduate with a Mechanical Engineering background, complemeting each other. Having technical knowledge of engineering plus creative thinking of design supports me to generate great influencing ideas. I worked intensively on collaborative projects with Land Rover, Kahn Design and Lexmoto motorcycles ltd. I was shortlisted twice in the top 10 European Region SAIC Design Challenge 2019 and SAIC Design Challenge 2020. I was also awarded an honourable mention in the Lexmoto Motorcycle Design Project 2019. For me, deisgn is a sense of emotion of the designer with a solution to a real problem and it should trigger the inner fee with aesthetic commitment. With my final major project, I'm researching to find out the impact of the emerging vehicle market in India on future vehicle design. Udarka is a completely autonomous vehicle that runs on sustainable energies for both modes. The Idea was to target a big audience of two wheeler owners, to big SUV owners, those who use vehicles as a personal mobility device or an adventure vehicle to go on vacation with friends and family. They may even need an entertainment space to enjoy.

Project uDarku 2050
Exterior design and package
Interior Design and Renders
Rear Prespective Render
Side View Render
Front Prespective Render
Project overview