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Program Resolution [scenario between two circles]

Rishi Lal [Part II MArch Architecture Student]

I like to explore how the sensory aspects of practical space inform a wider urban narrative, while integrating sustainable alternatives of execution.


Amman is navigated through eight circles. Each circle claims it's own story and engages in a wider story that makes the city easier to understand. They are reflective of the ideological zero, a concept associated with this part of the world that conveys an intangible heritage to connect social/economical disparities though metaphysical centres. The unfortunate consequence of urban progression is that heritage is ultimately dissolved. The rate at which Amman modernised it's infrastructure, as a result of accommodating a high influx of refugees, was unprecedented. Highly defensive zones and infrastructure were created through rapid modernisation in West Amman, further extending a socioeconomic barrier between East and West citizens. Eventually, there will be no associative urban fabric onto which we can project our stories, thus, narrative is lost alongside the innate navigation of urban cities. How can we dilute control with reference to the ideology of Amman's circles?

Mapping Amman through its stories [correlation w/ Invisible Cities]
Five proposed intervention to highly defensive space in Al-Abdali
Infiltrating West Amman with platformed landscaping reminiscent of East Amman [diagram]
Micro Climates as a device for creating architecture without walls [diagram]
Illustrative section through interventions in contextual environment [1]
Illustrative section through interventions in contextual environment [2]
Illustrative section through interventions in contextual environment [3]
Visualisation of the Garden Circle as a central node encompassed by the other interventions.
View through Garden Circle to the Auditorium Circle [unobstructed visual connection as an agent for urban navigation]
Visualisation of restored car-park subservient to the Market Circle.
View though site through to Park Circle [sheltered pathway bisected to allow to unobstructed viewership]
Visualisation of Park Circle.
Visualisation of sheltered pathway between Sanctuary Circle and Garden Circle.
Visualisation in sheltered pathway with integration of various contextual practices [Medical, Parliament, Mall]
Extent of proposal [movement about functions is no longer at the periphery but within the neglect space itself]

Rishi Lal

Architecture MArch

Rishi Lal

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Program Resolution [scenario between two circles]