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A biophilic city is at it's heart a biodiverse city, a city full of nature, a place where in the normal course of work, play and life residents feel, see, and experience the rich nature of plants, trees, animals.

My name is Moyo Esan and I am an Architecture Master's student. My project is called 'The Helixes'. The Helixes is a biophilic bridge that overcomes boundaries and creates a relationship between humans and nature. As there is an innate tendency for humans to desire nature, 'The Helixes' provides an avenue to move between the naturescape, experiencing wildlife in their habitat. The Helixes also provides sensory plants that are beneficial to humans in general and can be therapeutic to people with sensory processing disorders. The Helixes can be accessed by pedestrians and all forms of cyclists. Some environmental challenges responded to by 'The Helixes' are: mobility air quality improvement, climate mitigation, public health and wellbeing, community development, wildlife restoration and economic opportunities.

Concept drawing of The Helixes
Site Plan
Environmental Section of The Helixes
Elevation of The Helixes
Gathering Space
Aeriel view of The Helixes

Moyosore Esan

Architecture MArch

Moyosore Esan

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