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A SA of green offering for the public

Water scarcity and its unequal distribution were the issues addressed in this invention. The concept emerges from an ancient Islamic measurement system of 4 Mudd(75ml) = 1 Sa(3L) where 1 Mudd was the quantity used for Ablution rituals and 1 Sa was the amount of alms to be given to each poor family during the Zakt-Al-Fitr festival. All these values of cleansing, resource management, unbiased distribution, acts of giving and bacteria reduction were used to design the outcome. A potential site with many assets was chosen to build an ecosystem of drought tolerant plants that used the grey water from the four surrounding building sources (4mudds) which were filtered via natural stone-sand filtration tanks, then moved to a storage tank with a siphon system which released it for second filtration to the gabion bioswale, around the SA bowl of vegetation from which the water reached the plants through a drip irrigation system. This model can be replicated as a whole or in parts anywhere in Jordan and since water is considered scarce and farmed food a luxury, especially in East Amman, this design solution promises a greener tomorrow on a low budget and more efficient water usage.

Site and Design Proposal
Site Zoning
Conceptual Design Sketches
Plans at different levels
Plan with section lines
DetailedSection 3-3
Detailed Section 4-4
Section 1-1 and Section 2-2
View: Bougainvillea canopy over food storage columns
View: Grape Vineyard Tunnels with seating
Bougainvillea Canopy with seating
Top view

Feba Abraham

Architecture MArch

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Feba Abraham

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A SA of green offering for the public