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View looking into the heart of the proposed agricultural community centre

African communities depend on their ability to grow, store, distribute and cycle seeds. Seeds aren't just income and livelihood, but sustenance. Communities are under threat in changing weather climates to produce sustainable crops. If a farmer loses seed sovereignty they have to engage with corrupt governments for support. The unfortunate byproduct of their loss means they surrender their political vote to support the corrupt party. Seed security allows for free political votes alongside traditional ancestral seed that descends generations. This situation is prevalent in Chimanimani Zimbabwe, along with environmental stresses. Increases in global warming means cyclones are increasingly frequent. What used to be one in ten year storms are now closer to one in three. Recently cyclone Idia claimed the lives of 344 and consequently vital crops were destroyed. My project embraces the elements between weather events, creating a sustainable, community farming centre with seed vaults to store seed, teaching and commerce facilities. It will also provide community fields that help promote seed sovereignty and traditions that can descend future generations.

View from community fields back to the elementally design centre
Exploded Axonometric of the centres construction
Geometry study to understand wind effect through the site and how this informs the structures

Benjamin Gleadhill

Architecture MArch

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View looking into the heart of the proposed agricultural community centre