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The repository of the lost and the forgotten Coventry was redeveloped post-war on a core belief and collective thinking, striving for a better experience for the public in their own city; this thinking has been lost and we are now in a position where the city is being cut-up and money drives the outcome. Developers are now conducting the show and the city planner is no more; the grand vision that was held by Gibson and Ling being dissected and discarded. The city centre is divided, and it's heritage and assets destroyed; leaving a series of black spaces and forgotten elements that are deemed of lesser value to the 'front' and therefore neglected and forgotten. These spaces do have value. They contain their own pathways and spaces to rest; a protective space away from prying eyes and interference; you do not have to conform to be there. This project looks the layers of the past and the present to create a different way for people to engage with the city and offers an alternative choice for the people of Coventry.

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Becky Bubb

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