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William Hughes

BA (Hons) Fine Art

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Depicting Memory (2020)
Depicting Memory (2020)

William Hughes (b.1999, Coventry) is a multidisciplinary visual artist working in a semi-abstracted way.

Memory is a delay. Memory is a fragment. Memory is of the body that passed. Memory is the trace of a wave goodbye made with a slightly clenched fist.” (R.Morris, 1994)

How do we read memories? My practice seeks to explore processes of memory and remembering, reflecting and drawing ideas from nostalgic material from my family.  Working with multimedia processes I create works of abstraction and suggestion, set in spaces that trigger feelings of familiarity in the audience. The processes of abstract marking, texture built through layering, & its residual traces, aim to depict confusion & ambiguity. The work explores conceptual themes of process & material: how these ideas depict themes in my work in an abstracted way. I worked in collaboration with my grandfather, using his equipment, his memories, to create pieces. As his memory gradually worsened, the work mirrored him; becoming more deteriorated.

After graduating, I plan to grow my studio practice in residencies, curating my first solo exhibition, pop ups & collaborating with

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