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Scott Payne

BA (Hons) Fine Art

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'Exitiri' - Mixed Media Installation
'Exitiri' - Mixed Media Installation

Scott Payne (b. 1998, Milton Keynes) is an artist currently based in Coventry. His work explores the concept of borders as well as the issues that arise around them. After studying in Nicosia, his practice has become more focused on the border that divides Cyprus, as well as how this fits into a global context.  

My artistic practice explores the concept of borders, in that they are man-made constructs, as well as the issues that arise around them. I feel that this exploration is extremely relevant in the current social and political climate, especially with Brexit, Trump and the refugee crisis. 

After living and studying in Nicosia for almost a year, my practice has become specifically focused on the Green Line that divides Cyprus. To explore this matter, and borders in general, I use a wide variety of methods and processes. I mainly experiment with sculpture and installation, as I am interested in how to physically show a man-made construct. Installation particularly allows me to experiment with how audiences interact with my work. Zines also help to further contextualise my practice, as they enable me to provide viewers with information that I am unable to pro

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