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Antonio Munteanu

BA (Hons) Media and Communications

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Global degradation and social media activism

My name is Antonio Munteanu and I am a Coventry University graduate who is really passionate about the digital world and the opportunities it offers. I chose to do my Final Major Project covering the ecosystem’s problems because I really appreciate all the elements that nature offers to us and I feel like it does not get the deserved respect. My Final Major Project is represented by the attitude of the media platforms in relation to the progress of the contemporary problems associated with the pollution of the environment and the destruction of the ecosystem. With the help of the written piece and the video created, I managed to showcase how these particular problems, namely pollution, climate change, deforestation, etc have negative impacts on our society, lifestyle and how different media platforms inform the public regarding these issues. In my project you will find images that reflect our behaviour towards the planet, who is speaking for the climate, who is acting for the climate and how we can all participate for this common cause by recycling, using public transport more often, using energy wisely and be more communicati

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