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Molly Godderidge

BA (Hons) Fashion

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I am a designer who specialises in Sport and Performance. I am inspired by campaigns such as 'Be A Lady They Said' by Girls, Girls, Girls and "This Girl Can" by Sport England.

I have created a conceptual women's sportswear & lifestyle collection. Inspired by vintage boxing silhouettes alongside the ergonomics of garments on the body. The colour palette was taken from old school gyms and I added some sparkle for a fresher take on the idea. The collection features a mixture of garments including compression wear, performance-based garments, to lifestyle pieces. Based on the statement “fight like a girl”, this collection aims to inspire women to do combat sports and empowers those already doing it. 

The fabric for my collection was sourced in Paris and London and includes designer end-of-roll fabrics, making my sourcing sustainable. I attended Berlin Fashion week and attended conferences and events as part of my research, I also interviewed and spoke to athletes to gain more information and market research. I have been studying muscles and ergonomics throughout my final year, in order to gain a better understanding of how garments can work with the body and enhance performance.

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Get in touch with Molly